Sunday, April 17, 2011


If you are wondering what is Saki Naka, remember the famous dialogue of GolMaal 3, Kareena Kapoor going “Teri Maka, Saki Naka”!!!?? Read on for why it is so.

SAKI NAKA IS A PHENOMENON. It is history in making. It is a landmark on the map of Mumbai. Factually speaking, it is one of the traffic junctions of Mumbai.

Saki Naka is located in the central part of Mumbai. It is like the elder brother of all the traffic junctions, who carries the weight of the entire traffic family. (And also of the budhi Maa and the andhi behen). Virtually, the entire traffic of Mumbai passes through this junction once in their life time. (Well of course, because it takes you at least fifty years to cross this junction).

Geographically, this is Saki Naka.

But Actually, SAKI NAKA IS AN EMOTION. Well, one of those emotions that you see on your face when you put in the extra pressure, straight from the heart going down through the stomach and further below when you sit down for the early morning shit.


Why is it a Phenomenon: a few interesting facts about Saki Naka

Saki Naka Schemes The BEST (Mumbai transportation dept) should come up with a ticket valid for one week specially for passengers travelling through Saki Naka. You see, you never know how much time it may take to cross the NAKA!! While travelling through the junction in public transport, you can get down and do your daily shopping, Ghar ki kahridi, catch up with old friends over a drink or even watch a movie. When you come back, you will still find the bus standing where you had left it.

Saki Naka ready vehicles There are a new customized vehicles that are Saki Naka ready. They have a refrigerator with a week’s stock inside. It has a wardrobe, and an inbuilt washroom also. Yes, you need all this if you have to cross Saki Naka. But there is no TV in these vehicles, as travelling through Saki Naka in itself is wholesome entertainment.

Saki Naka Allowance The Corporates and the companies located near the junction have come up with a new allowance to sustain their employees. It is called the Saki Naka Allowance. It is probably twice their package, but then work traffic balance bhi to koi cheez hai.

Seven Hills hospital case study There was a case study done at the Seven Hills hospitals near Saki Naka, and it was found that they have never attended to any cardiac arrest case. NEVER. Actually, nobody ever survives the traffic.

Yes, they have attended to a couple of cases of cardiac arrest but they were the people who got heart attacks waiting through eternity in the traffic jam.

This is not all. The emotion is has been expressed in all forms. Allow me to present the song on the EMOTION called Saki Naka –

Go on, listen to the rage!!!

To conclude, and to bring out the magnitude of Saki Naka is this ultimate question – Why does Rajnikant live in Chennai and not in Mumbai??

No prizes for guessing even he is afraid of SAKI NAKA!!!!

* DISCLAIMER: No REAL pictures of SAKI NAKA have been used in this blog, as even viewing the pictures have proven injurious to health!!! (BTW, I had sent some one to click some photos of the junction a couple of months back, but he hasnt returned yet!!)

Enjoyed the blog? If you have been stuck in some junction like SAKI NAKA or if you can relate to this blog, leave a comment. I have written and uploaded this blog while I was stuck at the junction. Cheers.