Monday, September 9, 2013

Top 10 Super Heroes with Super Strength

We all adore superheroes in some way or other. Every Superhero is empowered with some extra-ordinary power like accelerated healing, super speed, weaponry etc. The one that fascinates me is super strength. Or Raw power, as we call it.

This list tries to explore super heroes with super strength. Not surprisingly, it includes super villains too. Recent trends in the comic industry have shown that super villains are also super heroes of sorts. Recent portrayal of Silver Surfer, Cat Woman, Green Goblin and Sandman have brought out that they may have a good side to them.

Lets set the rules of the game. When I say super strength, I really mean raw power. They can be mutated powers or strengthened muscles. But it always ought to be muscle power. Superman or Spiderman with enhanced strength but same body mass do not qualify. Also, because their primary super power is not super strength. It is just one of their super power.

Before I started making my list, I conducted a short survey of characters popular for their super strength and muscle power. Most common answers I received were – Hulk, Superman, Thor, The Thing, Spiderman (???) and Mr Incredible.

However, let me warn you that this is not a list of just their class (the number of tons they can lift) but more about the macho-ness with which they have been portrayed in their existing universe. They have, in no way been pitted against each other.

10 . Ram Man (Masters of Universe) – This broad build guy with lots of raw power is a part of He-Mans team. In terms of muscles, he scores well above He-man too.


9. Skaar (Marvel Universe) – Popularly known as the son of Hulk, I risked including him in the list. There would surely be a Hulk somewhere at the top of the list. But there is this freshness and rawness in his character that he makes it to this list.


8. Prince Lothar (Mandrake Series) – Mandrake’s best friend, he has saved Mandrake many a times fighting his enemy with his strength. Loved him as a kid.


7. Beast (X-Men universe) – Dr Henry McCoy got mutated into Beast when his experiment failed. However, he still continues fighting along with Prof Xavier when ever he not busy in his research work.

6. Roadblock (G I Joe Series) – The M2HB heavy machine gun Roadblock carries is his signature. 6’6” tall soldier, Joes without him are incomplete.


5. The Thing (Fantastic Four) – If Superman is man of steel, then The Thing is the man of stone. Rock solid. He has been displayed enormous amounts of strength.


4. Sabu (Chacha Choudhary Series) – The man from “Jupiter” planet is a giant. He is Chacha Choudhary’s friend and helps him where power is required and only brains may not work.

Pran Comics 

3. Bane (DC Universe) – One of the dreaded foes of Batman, Bane has shown many a times that he is virtually undefeatable when it comes to power fights.

2. Juggernaut (X Men Universe) – The mutant from the X men, he possesses immense strength that he can easily break any steel walls or stop tanks with sheer power. Moreover, his build is immensely rouge. Full marks to him.

1. Hulk (Marvel Universe) – There is no reason why he should not be numero uno. His anger decides the power he possess and till date no one knows his real strength.

Finally, what we need the comic writers creating more characters with super strength as their primary super power and not as just one of the super powers.

Also, two names without which this list is incomplete


Of Course, Rajnikant and Chuck Norris !!

Also rans:

  1. Sabretooth
  2. Doga
  3. Rhino
  4. Skrull
  5. Hellboy
  6. Silver Samurai

Who it your super strength guy? The comments column is all your now….