Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why I Like FIR: The Hilarious Sitcom On SAB TV

The Sitcom: FIR has been around the block for over 5 years now. It is presently being aired on SAB TV at 2230hrs everyday. The show presents a female inspector and her team trying to solve cases. Their sincere attempts to crack the mysteries are hilarious and worth a hearty laugh. The sitcom is set in a Police Station where constables indulge in amazing antics.
Warning: This sitcom is not for everyone. It is like bitter coffee, you have to develop a taste for it to get addicted. Also, this is not for people who like only “intelligent” comedies. This is for people who savour mindless comedy.
What Works: Here are a few things that make this sitcom epic – and when i say epic, this is truly #EPIC !!
1. The characters: Although Chandramukhi Chautala, the inspector, is the main character around whom the serial revolves, the real watching pleasure are its supporting characters. They are essentially no brainers.
    • Billu: Forgets who he is, every now and then, and temporarily becomes different characters.
    • Gopi: The way he carries “is the” dialogues are worth mentioning.
    • Gulgule: Always found eating and signature dialogue “Madam aap bhi naa (rapata) bholi hain”
    • All other: Each character in itself is an epic
One of the other characters of the sitcom is the wig. Yep, wig in itself can be deemed as a character. They are used in a way to to make the character look visually funny !
2. The Dialogues: The characters are incomplete without their unique style of delivering dialogues. Very few sitcoms have been able to capitalise on getting viewers glued to their dialogue styles.
  • Takiyakalam: Every new character has his own Takiyakalam, a catch phrase.
    • “Picture dikhao yaar”
    • “Achcha, saari kaisi hai?”
    • “Raat ko missed call doongi”
    • “Kabhie ghar aao yaar”
  • Character Introduction: Every character introduces himself in a rhyming way, which sounds funny.
    • “Mera naam hai chopda, ghumao mat mera khopda”
    • “Passport purana hai, mera naam khurana hai”
    • “Mera naam hai sapna awasthi, lut gai meri ghrasthi”
  • Character Names: The names of each character is unique and  catchy. The names by themselves get you hooked on to the character
    • Chouraha Chaturvedi
    • Gussail and Shaant brothers
    • A guy named “Nirupa Roy”
    • Letter Lalita !!
  • Gopi’s 2 liners: These are 2 liners which Gopi attempts to say in his broken English. They have become a phenomenon. His style where he adds “Well”, “Carry on”, “Well mom”, “yeah, this one” are howlarious.
    • “What is the problem is the, Delhi mein airport Palam is the”
    • “Well…., she is the husband is the,he is the wife is the”
    • “Who the you the are is the? Ab ghar se mehngi hai car is the”
3. The Plot: The sitcom follows a very neat format. Generally spread over two episodes, a character lodges an FIR and the team then sets out to solve the case, always victorious in the end. Such simple format helps to set the expectations of the viewers right.
4. Why one should watch it:
  1. It is a no brainer. Watch it, enjoy it, cherish it.
  2. One episode everyday. Unlike other “intelligent” sitcoms that are aired in seasons, weekly once. This is our daily dose of laughter.
  3. Kavita Kaushik, Gopi Bhalla, Sandeep Anand, Sapna Sikarwar, Manju Sharma, Naveen Bawa and the awesome Shekhar Shukla are a treat to watch !!
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Well, if you remember some dialogues of FIR do pen them down in the comments column below. Cheers !!