Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 Inspiring Moments of 2010

2010 – An Eventful Year. 2010 for India has been an eventful year, like any other year. This year, particularly for India, was marked with a lot of Scams being exposed, politics in government and governing the politics. News makers were in news, and so were the News Breakers (Read: Media and Media Personalities). The good thing is the year passed with no major terror attacks.

But this year has also been a year of Inspiring moments. Clearly, this year has been a year of Sports, Business and Entertainment.

Here are a of the most inspiring moments for me in this year. They are not chronologically arranged or rated. Each moment was special and holds a special place.

1. “Thank you, Jai Hind – Long live the partnership between India and United States ”

President Obama’s visit to India.

He came, He saw, He signed a lot of deals. Although, the primary motive of the President’s visit was to promote business with India, in return he backed India for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. And finally, he made the historic speech in the Indian Parliament, bowing to the standing ovation.

2. “Let the games Begin”

Common Wealth Games, 2010

So announced the President, marking the commencement of the Common Wealth Games. (She announced it in a very funny way, though). The CWG had been in the media for all the wrong reasons till then. But after this moment, the sports took on. And clearly, the winner the winner between Common Wealth and Games was “Games”

3. Sachin’s 50th Ton

The God of Cricket. The Living Legend. Supposedly, the best sportsperson of all times, in all sports. Do I need to say any more?

4. Saina Nehwal’s CWG gold

India needed one gold to make it to the second spot in the medals tally in CWG. Saina needed the gold to realize her dream of the CWG gold. Both were achieved. In style. And India stood proud.

5. Women 4 x 400 Relay Gold in CWG

This moment was one of the best of 2010. Better than the Asian Gold in the same event. This event showcased the fighting spirit of the Indian women. Though approx 10-12 meters behind the leading runner in the initial part of the race, the Indian team finished well ahead of others. See it to believe it. Goosebumps assured. Bravo, girls.

6. Sensex Regaining 21000 Mark

Though only for an extremely short time, it restored hopes to the millions of investors. What a comeback after the recession. No wonder, India is being seen as the best emerging economy throughout the world in todays time. Chak de phatte.

7. “My name is Chitti.”


“My name is Chitti. I am a Robot - speed 1 terra hertz, memory 1 Zetta byte” Shankar’s Endhiran (“Robot” in Hindi) had the best of everything. Best Budget, Technology, Effects, Music Director, Story, Editing and the list goes on. And of course, it had Miss World and RajniKant.

And it got the best of everything. Audience, Acceptance, Reviews, Accolades. And of course, it got the best Box Office Collections. Indian Cinema crossed a new milestone. And a new bench mark has been set for other.

8. “Sunrise”

Nicole Faria Crowned Miss Earth 2010

“Which has more significance in your life right now – Sunrise or Sunset?” was the last question asked to her and with that began a new era. Historically, there have been many beauty queens from India, and she is the face of fresh India. Special mention of the swimsuit round and you will know why this moment doubly qualifies for one of the most inspiring moments of the year.

9. “They deserve better from the government”

Lady Officers Get Permanent Commission (PC) In The Armed Forces

Delivering a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court approved permanent commission for Lady Officers in armed forces in non combat roles. Presently, only officers from JAG and AEC are being offered permanent commission. Soon, all the others will be given PCs.

The next land mark decision that the Supreme Court has to deliver is Lady Officers in a combat role. Amen.

10. The tenth most inspiring moment is your moment. Pls leave your opinion in the comment column on what you feel inspired you the most in 2010. Cheers.

Finally, let us all acknowledge that 2010 rocked. There were ups and downs, but all’s well that ends well. And moreover, 2011 is gonna rock. It’s a sure party time, guys. It starts on a weekend. Cheers.


RAMKUMAR said...

It is inddeed an excellent collection of the most inspiring moments of 2010.
For me the most inspiring is Sachins 200 in a One day International and 50th century in Tests.It is amazing how he keeps scaling the new mountains one after the another.

Mital said...

For me it was a movie INCEPTION.Masterpiece by Christopher Nolan.Nolan is genius!!<