Saturday, November 26, 2011

Social Media Club: The Tweet Up

The Club: The Social Media Club Mumbai is the local chapter of the international Social Media Club Group. They connect and collaborate on all things within the realm of social media, especially those within the India context.
The Tweet up: The main agenda of this tweet up was Extending Social Campaigns For Offline Activations.
As a part of this, a few Case Studies were presented. Specifically, on extending Social Media to drive offline activations to get a 360 degree synced campaign including case studies on:
a) Sula Wines
b) Cadbury Bourneville
c) ITC Classmate
d) Oakley
The Speakers:
Harshil Karia, Co Founder FoxyMoron [Twitter: @harshilkaria ]
Sanjay Mehta, Founder, Social Wavelength [Twitter: @sm63 ]
Amrita Kumar, Managing Partner, Candid Marketing [Twitter: @amrita_kumar ]
My Takeaways: Being a social media enthusiast, I had gone to the event to get an insight on real social media scenario. And as the presentations progressed, I realised they were amazing. A few things that excited me about this tweet up:
1. The Case Studies: The speakers presented the case studies in interesting ways, including incorporating videos in the presentations. Each case study was discussed in detail, and were targeted towards offline activations. In short, the case study were totally engrossing.
2. The Personal Interactions: Tweet ups give us tweeps a chance to meet people in person. This tweet up was special because of the richness of the crowd. A whole lot of Industry experts as well as tweeps from various communities were present. I also got a chance to meet quite a few young entrepreneurs in digital media field. Specially, the interaction with Ankita Gaba, where we discussed social media and our individual role in it, was enlightening
3. The Venue/ The Food: The Venue and the food, specially organised by Food Ka Mood were amazing. They made sure the participants were comfortable and made the event memorable.
The Conclusion: If you are a social media enthusiast and if you have missed this event, you have missed something. And make sure you block your calendar for the next event so that you don't miss this amazing social media event. 


Vishal Kataria said...

Purvesh, I didn't know about the event at all. Nice to know there were a lot of positive take aways. I see you and Vishal Menon attended it. Do let me know when its held the next time. I'll make sure I join u guys...

FoodKaMood said...

Hey Purvesh,

Thank you so much for mentioning us in the post. We are glad you liked it. Hope we can create many more events like these!

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting. Hope to attend it if something like this ever happens in Bahrain.