Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celebrate This Christmas: By Making A Difference

Christmas or ‘Bada Din’ (in Hindi), is celebrated with much fervour here in India. The unique thing about Indian Christmas is that it combines the traditions from the Western Christian world with several Indian customs.

While we all await (or awaited in our younger days) getting gifts from Santa Claus, there are a few kids who around us who continue with their routine indifferent to this festival of gifts and celebrations.

This Christmas, lets get together and make a difference.

The organisation: There are organisations who have taken up the social responsibility beautify the lives of such under privileged children. Project Nanhi Kali was initiated in 1996 by the K C Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET) with the aim of providing primary education to underprivileged girl children in India. 

Our Team – Social Panti: we are a group of tweeters and bloggers and our team is called #SocailPanti.

Our Contribution: This Christmas, together we, you and us, lets contribute to bring festivities in the lives of the these kids.

We will send one festive greeting card to them on you behalf when you place a request. You just have to place your request in the comments box below.


The First Step Makes The Difference: In case you have been waiting to make a difference and haven't found the right medium to do so, this is the right time.

Put in a request in the comment box and we will celebrate the festivity with these kids by sending them your love via a card, specially on your behalf. Do mention your name in the request.

The next step is to log on to Nanhi Kali’s website and contribute more -

So, take the first step and start contributing to the society. and celebrate Christmas by making a difference.

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