Sunday, December 25, 2011

5 Things to do in 2012

Disclaimer: This blog is not about new year resolutions!

This blog is not about resolutions, its about doing things this year, for ourselves and for others, things different than what we have been doing already. I am sure, many of us would already be following a few of the things mentioned below, but then we can always take on the other things mentioned in the list.

Go ahead, let pamper ourselves and support others!

1. Switch To a Smart Phone: I am sure half of us have already migrated to a smart phone. But in case, you still are using the age old instrument, it is the right time migrate to a smart phone. And contrary to the popular belief, smart phone are not costly. They come in various price ranges. Select a phone that suits your objective as well as gives you extra features.


Gone are the days when phones used to be used only to make calls and send messages. Learn about the applications, interfaces and functions. Move on with this world.

Already a smartphone user, then go in for a Tablet. A Tablet bridges many gaps left between a smartphone and a laptop. Its time to get connected.

2. Start a Blog: “For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me” says Jack Dann.


Everyone, all of us, have a way of expressing ourselves. Blogging is an independent way of expressing ourselves. Believe me, you do not know what writing has in store for you until you start writing. The best way to start is to log on to blogger or wordpress, sign in and start writing!

For more on the topic, read -

3. Donate Clothes: What do you do with your old clothes? Throw them away or give it to needy? In case you throw them away or dispose them in a disorderly manner, this year make it a point to give it to someone needy. The best way is to donate clothes is to give it to the needy, yourself. Look around, you would find many people in this chilly weather, with scarce clothes. Give them with your own hands.

In case, you are not able to give it/donate it yourself, contact any of these NGOs. They will be more than happy to get the spare clothes collected from your house and distribute it the needy and poor.

4. Connect To Yourself, Spiritually: These days, being an atheist is a fashion. Ask any youngster and  he will convince us why not to believe in god and narrate concepts of how he is already connected to the humanity. Sadly, only a few of them actually do things in real life to connect them to the source.


This year, lets take a step backwards. Connect with ourselves - Spiritually. Take up some activity that you feel comfortable doing, however small it may seem. Visit a temple. Talk to a spiritual leader. Watch some spiritual discourses. Meditate.

And, make it a habit.

First connect with ourselves, then think about connecting to humanity and greater concepts like these. Lets strengthen our basics this year. This is the right time.

5. Take a Wine Tour: I am sure we all have heard about this tour before. This year is an year to divulge in pleasures of nature. Go ahead, welcome yourselves to Nashik, India's Napa Valley, the Wine Capital of India. A place with heavenly natural beauty, lush green valleys and vineyards, Nashik is an excellent spot for vineyard tours and a much sought after weekend gateway. The wine guide will take you through the vineyards and will give you interesting inputs about wine and you could see for yourself the intricate process of wine making. The best part of the tour is that you get to taste some of the best wines of Nashik valley.

And if you are not really a wine enthusiast, this is a brilliant opportunity for you to be a part of a fascinating journey that goes much beyond just wine.

To read more on this, check out - and

And finally, i am sure, many of us would already be doing many of the things mentioned above. And there would be many other things you would have planned to do new this year. Do share about it to other readers, by putting it in our comments block below.

And thanks in advance for your contributions and comments!!!



Vishal Kataria said...

Great points there, Purvesh. Apart from starting a blog, please also advise people on sustaining it.

Donating clothes is a novel idea indeed, which we can keep doing every year.

The wine capital should ideally be visited in Jan & Feb, I've heard. So do we take a holiday on a Friday & make that long overdue trip?

Great article :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Points 1-4 I am already following. 1) M happy with my Blackberry curve. There are much better ones, but it gives me all that I require and it came in my budget as well.

2)I completely stopped after the Blogoholic month. And the ironic part is I have many more topics than that time, and I have time too. But that craziness to collaborate the two is what I have lost after blogohlics. Gotta revive it again!

3)Moms gives the clothes still in good condition but smaller size to relatives, younger friends or kids of the maids. N I see them putting it to good use. I have now a whole bunch ready for giving out, I can give it to them. In fact I just gave away a proper meal from fat kong last night to a homeless person.

4) Thanks to my wonderful parents they guided me and led by example into spiritual life. But m so rag tag distracted all the time that I don't pay proper attention to such a valuable gift I have. Thanks Captain, you've motioned a heart inside me into reaching out for it.

5)Hmmmm.. Let's see.

Anonymous said...

Lovely comments..... (1) already have a BB which I am addicted to, planning to shift into a new BOLd (2) writing....surely not my cup of tea / coffee (3) donating clothes - do that (4) spirituality ....No comments (5) wine touring - a suggestion, why dont you make a programe and take all of us one day (please take care of the ladies / girls after that as well).

Keep on writing..

N / SS

shwetamzaveri said...

Awesome, the best one i like is to be spiritually inclined. To get connected with ones innerself, i guess at testing and frustating times, this is what shall keep one grounded.

have only been once for a vineyard tour at Sula Wines, all i did was get dirty in that grape barrell, but pint noted, the next one shall have all the suggestions mentioned.

Irfanuddin said...

Wish you n ur dear ones a very happy n prosperous new year...:)

Sri Venkatesh said...

Nice blog dude.... Well going to Nasik, anytime I am ready to go. Well jokes apart, nice blog. Keepit up and thanks to ur blog people like me actually start thinking of starting a blog.



M said...

Interesting Ideas... btw, i already do donate clothes to an NGO.... so thats taken care of !!!!

and blog, well starting a blog is easy, sustaining one is damn difficult!!!

So kudos to you for having done that :-)

Purvesh Gada said...

@Vishal - Thanks, dude and lets plan a trip soon! :)
@Anirudh - lets rock this year!
@Nisha - Thanks re! Come to india and we will make a plan!
@Shweta - :) also share your experience about that visit!
@Irfan - Thanks and wish you the same!
@Meghna- your blog is always looked fwd to! keep writing! :)

Elvirah said...

I think those are indeed the points to be followed, except for the Wine Tour, which is not for me.

Having a blog helps us to express ourselves better and be in touch with the people sharing common view points.

Spritual minded is something which helps us to keep up with the better values and improve our belongingness with God.

Donating Clothes is definitely a righteous deed which brings some peace in our life.

Purvesh Gada said...

Thanks, Elvirah! also, just wondering y is the wine tour not for you?

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